The True Binary "$100K Challenge"


What is it?

The True Binary "$100K Challenge" is a case study we will be conducting where we will start from scratch and get funded $100,000 from a prop trading firm. TopStep Trader is an industry leading proprietary trading firm that will fund traders "no questions asked" if they can prove profitability by completing "The Trading Combine".

Why are we doing this? 

One of the biggest limiting beliefs when it comes to trading is "I don't have enough capital to make trading worth my while". If we can prove that you can get funded through a prop trading firm we are removing one of the biggest barriers to success. 
Secondly, we are proving that the methodologies we teach in our School for Trader Development are sound. The TopStep Trading Combine is a rigorous vetting process designed to separate the true professionals from everyone else. We will be employing everything we teach in our Level 1 and Level 2 programs to pass the trading combine. 

How will we do it?

That's the million dollar question... or the $100,000 question at least. 
We will be documenting the process every step of the way and showing you what the day to day process looks like for a professional trader. When it is completed will turn this case study into an information product, however if you sign up here you will be able to follow the journey for free. 

Thank you for following our journey on the $100K challenge.

We're sure you will find value in this case study and hopefully be able to model our process if your goal is to also get funded as a professional trader.


We will most likely provide weekly email reports detailing our progress for that week as well as livestreams you will be able to access in our Discord server.