True Binary's 100X Challenge

The 100X Challenge was created for demonstration purposes.  It can be thought of as a 'live case study.'  It's streamed every day Monday - Friday and shows the application of the same principles taught in True Binary's School for Trader Development.  


The goal of the 100X Challenge:

1. To show students that you don't need a lot of money to make a lot of money.  With high probability setups, sound risk management, and consistency, you can turn a small amount of money in to a large amount of money over time.  Due to the compounding nature of profitable trading, you don't need to start "rich" to become "rich."

2. To give True Binary students a chance to see a live case study on a day to day basis to help them apply the skills that they learn in the schooling program.  First comes theoretical, then comes practical.  The 100X Challenge should equip students with the same mindset and process as True Binary traders when scanning for various assets, identifying setups, taking trades, reviewing trades, and managing risk.

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