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"If the truth can be told so as to be understood, it will be believed." - William Blake

Level 1

The goal of our Level 1 program is to prove to the student the basic truths of the marketplace, how it works, and the knowledge and behavior required to consistently make money from trading.

97% of traders lose money.  Maybe you have taken trading courses in the past or gone to various seminars or hired online coaching.  If you are here reading this, it is likely that you have not received the results you desired, and you did not get the riches you were after.


It is important to acknowledge and accept this fact, one of the main issues traders face is holding and acting on conflicting and often contradictory information. 


Although there are many ways to make money from trading, if you bring your current ideas about what trading is and hold onto your current paradigms - it is likely the process will be a lot harder and take a lot longer.  It is the single biggest threat to your success.

This information has the potential to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams

What you are about to learn is a system, a system that has been proven to work for over 30 years.

Professional trading is based on setups.  Setups are basically instructions with rules about how to act, therefor, if you can follow instructions, you can get rich. This however is a lot easier said than done.

What you are about to learn is how these setups are built as well as other fundamental information that is absolutely essential and required for success.  We urge you to TRUST THE PROCESS, accept yourself as naive (even if you believe you are experienced), learn and internalize these principles, and you will be successful.

what you will learn

Module 1 - The fundamental differences between the public and the smart money.

Module 2 - What is required to become a consistently profitable trader.

Module 3 - Defining 'Technical Analysis' - Understanding what it is and the real purpose of using it.

Module 4 - Setups - What they are, how they work, why we use them.

Module 3 - True Binary's three rules of trading.

Module 5 - True Binary's essential guide to risk management.

Module 6 - Understanding trading statistics and being able to do 'Trader's Math.'

Module 7 - Understanding the psychology of market cycles.

Module 8 - Familiarizes the student with multiple trading styles.  "It's a matter of personal fit."

Does what we teach really work?

The most important decision you will ever make when it comes to trading is deciding who's information to follow, in other words picking a teacher.

When it comes to deciding on a teacher, the one thing that matters above all else is their track record.


"Do the trades they make in the market consistently make money?" 

Unsurprisingly this is also the most difficult information to obtain, why? because very few "coaches and gurus"actually make money in the market, 9 times out of 10 you are paying a professional marketer, not a professional trader.

True Binary was established on the foundation of Truth and Transparency, we don't need to bombard you hundreds of fake screenshots and testimonials, we don't need to tell you how much money you are going to make, all we need to do is show you the results of our trades in the marketplace and you can be the judge on weather we are worth listening to or not.

With that being said, since founding True Binary our published track record is as follows:



Average true risk to reward 


Average monthly return


Win Rate


Win Rate




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