step 1 - watch our sales presentation below

To get a better idea of who we are as a company and the details of our core offer, please video the sales presentation below.
Obviously nothing is for sale here, at the bottom of this page you will get a temporary login to our membership site as if you were a paying customer, once inside, you will be able to further familiarize yourself with our content and get a better idea of our company.


Why 97% of traders are guaranteed to go broke and what you need to know before you can ever hope to join the 3%

step 2 - sign up and view our education

We are looking for proactive and motivated applicants, for this reason we have made some of our premium content available for free for your viewing. 
In the email we sent there will be a special link to create a temporary login to our paid content.
This content will not only give you an edge in the application process but will help you become a more proficient market participant in your own right, it will also give you an even better idea of who we are as a company, our market and life philosophies and help you get clear on weather this is an idea and a team you could see yourself being a part of. 

step 3 - reach out 

Join our public Telegram channel, here you you get an idea of the general discussions and dialog that takes place between our free subscribers, customers, TA's, and Founders. This is a great place get a feel for what our audience care about and are interested in.
Here is where you will also find us posting our free trading signals and other market updates and commentary.
PLEASE DO NOT post any questions that are job vacancy specific in the public chat, if you have any questions, comments or concerns message our Founders, TA's or Admins personally.

step 4 - set up an interview

If you have made it this far you probably realize and appreciate that this is not a typical position at a typical company, we are looking for a very specific individual who can join and work with our team intimately over the long term. 
For this reason there is no set amount of time or process for hiring, this is more of a discovery process to find that perfect fit for us and you.
With that being said, shortlisted candidates can expect to be contacted for a phone interview 1-2 weeks after applying.

step 5 - sign in and check out our dashboard